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Fresh Artisan Pasta & Sauces

The easiest, quickest way to get in your pasta in 2 minutes ready

We have a simple mission: delicious, express, fresh and healthy.

The difficulties of reproduction Italian cooking abroad are much the same as the difficulties attendant upon any good cooking outside its country origin, and usually they can be overcome. Everything is freshly cooked for every meal, extreme freshness and lavishness of its raw materials.

Pick your Pasta

The largest range of fresh filled and plain pasta in The Netherlands. Choose the pasta you like best from our menu in the four different categories.

Next day delivery

Order before 12pm and we will deliver your fresh pasta to your home on a day of your choice. Amsterdam deliveries same day. Delivery available to all The Netherlands and Belgium.

Ready in 2 Minutes

Follow our simple instructions and prepare your restaurant-quality pasta in the comfort of your home. No waste of time, super fast and super good. Can be frozen. Buon Appetito!


Your fresh fettuccine pasta which I tried yesterday is without a doubt the tastiest fresh pasta I have ever had, how wonderful to be able to have this at home! And your bolognese saus I enjoyed too: simple, fresh and pure tastes of tomato and mince meat, perfectly balanced and not too salty which is excellent, your flavors are strong enough as they are. Thank you very much! Until the next time.

Ariane G. - Amsterdam

Great for Sunday lunch! I can't believe my taste buds and I have never felt better. It's Adam's best pasta.

Cristina - Amsterdam

If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation - The Sauces got you covered. I will refer everyone I know. Keep up the excellent work. I like Bolognese Sauce more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.

Hartwell - Amsterdam

Strozzapreti did exactly what you said it does.

Daniela - Milan

Great traditional Italian food in the hood. It is very, very good. These flavors are working very well together. A friend of mine suggested that I try these pastas and now I can't do without them anymore.

Bob - Amsterdam